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               I am Michelle Walters AKA Morningstar and this is my website:

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               I have worked with spirit and my guides for the past 27 years

and i have created this as a place for you to come to to find      

answers and guidance while on your earthly path.

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               I was blessed with the gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience,   clairsentience and mediumship and have worked with people all over the world and from different walks of life.

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               I am closley connected to the spirit world and can bring peace, closure and understanding where its needed after the loss of a loved one, proving that we never truely die, but move forwards into another time and space.

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               I offer a wide range of readings, from mediumship, to runes and tarot and these can be found on the  menu on the left hand side if you would like a reading but not quite sure which one to choose or if you need help in obtaining a reading then please feel free to contact me first at the

following e-mail address:         


where i will be happy to assist you.

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              My reading s are in depth and detailed and will hopefully bring you the answers you need....


               I wish you all a blessed healthy and happy 2015, and hope that its a fruitful year for you all      

               Love and blessings to you all

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